GEE We Love GE: International Educators Unite in Annapolis

HELLO SAILOR! Although it took us a hot minute to regain our land legs, the warm welcome at Global Experiences in Annapolis helped remedy any residual RV-sickness (that struggle is real). We took to Ralphie’s steps like Barack Obama exiting Air Force One and the party was nearly in full swing!

A quick tour of the straight-out-of-HGTV GE offices and a necessary round of hugs and hello’s from Institutional Relations Manager and dear friend of GoAbroad, Kelly Holland – who puts the IE in cutie – really got the whole shindig rollin’. We grazed, we gabbed, and we giggled. We’re a field that champions getting out of your comfort zone, celebrating differences, and being open to new ideas and ways of thinking, but sometimes it’s just so nice and refreshing to come together with like-minded international educators.

GoAbroad & Global Experiences
Never tire of these warrior-smiles!

If you’ve been following us since Denver, by now we’re sure you’ve figured out our formula for a great evening: awesome co-hosts and colleagues, a little time to mix-n-mingle, words of wisdom from Nicole Powers and the woman (or man- lookin’ at you Bruce Jones) in charge, a warm and fuzzy group photo, and we end the night with continued conversations about women in the field, in the world, and in our lives.

A Woman’s Place is in the C-Suite

Be bold. Be brave. Be in charge. Our potential is limitless and when women come together and lift each other up our nation, and the world, is better for it. This sentiment from Emily Merson, co-founder and CEO of Global Experiences, set the tone for the rest of the evening and really, echoed perfectly the message of the Women’s March happening in Washington D.C. the very next day.

Global Experiences' Emily Merson at the GoAbroad event
Emily is a powerful role model for both young women AND men in the field.

A running theme in conversations from Denver to where we stand is the importance of women’s leadership in the field. Not just working in the field as international educators, but as entrepreneurs in the field. We need and we want to see more women, like Emily, starting companies, building on their ideas, and lifting more women up.

Beyond the scope of international education, we need more women in leadership roles across the board(room), but especially representing us in our government. With the Women’s March on Washington and with 600+ sister marches around the world, the hope is this sparks a new era in women’s leadership. We’re confident it can.

Goodnight, Annapolis

With tummies full of the seafood we crave in our landlocked state, hearts full of love and support from our friends and colleagues near and far, and a newfound sense of hope and purpose, we look forward to sleeping like rocks— ready to break the glass ceiling.

With that, we’re signing off. Time to sleep in a fully stationary bed for once!

With Love,

Team GoAbroad

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