Now the Real Work Begins: Next Steps

Believe it or not, we made the magnificent journey, driving Ralphie back from Annapolis, MD to Fort Collins, CO in just two days. Were we excited to sleep back in our (stationary) beds again? You bet. Were we amped up to eat a home cooked and full balanced meal with housemates once more? You know it. Are we tired of talking about this movement and ready to move onto other topics? “Heck no, we won’t go!”  

We’ve said it once, twice, thrice, and we’ll say it again – now is when the REAL work begins. We’re all sorts of psyched to share some ideas on how to stay engaged or get involved post-march. There are still heaps to accomplish and the only way we can possibly get it done is by remaining a united front and working together.

Let’s Become Messenger Owls – Hogwarts Style

In our last post we mentioned the significance of calling and emailing your state reps; making sure the good word gets heard, and recognizing the weight of your voice and your actions. With that said, it’s all well and good, even fun, to give those movers and shakers a phone call the day of or the day after the March on Washington— but what fake cartier bracelets
we need to hold strong in our hearts is
consistent motivation to stay active in this way, throughout the next months/years and not just this week…

We’re not interested in adding more grueling homework to your composition book of to-do’s, though! There are some awesome resources to keep this whole adventure an enriching exercise. Make it fun, get your friends involved, and you’ll start feeling the intrinsic motivation that’s needed to keep up the fight a la Rocky Balboa, you little contendahs, you! (Shout out to the Philly sister march!).

One of the first moves you can make, taken from Megan Lee’s book, is to host a postcard writing party. That’s right— good old fashioned snail mail. A great big group of us from all different professional perspectives and backgrounds are getting together hermes bracelets to hand-write personal postcards to our reps and continue reach out to the peeps in power. It’s only our voices that give them that power after-all!

Get together with friends, share some drinks and nibbles, discuss ideas, play some sweet writing jams and get to it! (#SquadGoals) It’s always easier to get going with these plans when you have a buddy or a group to keep you game. If writing snail mail isn’t your forte, check out some of the other ideas provided by the Women’s March on Washington website here: 10 Actions in 100 Days.
A postcard party is a great way to knock out “Action One” set forth by the WMOW page, but they’ll be posting another action every ten days, so make sure to follow their social pages for updates, or just revisit their website, to see what’s up next!

What Else To Look Out For

If you’ve been following along on our ride, or even if this is the first post you’ve seen, you’ll quickly find out that we had the pleasure of visiting friends and colleagues in a few major hubs to gab and get motivated. We collected inspirational interviews, and we got sweet pics for days. GoAbroad is a firm believer that women’s rights are human rights, and we will continue supporting organizations and opportunities empower women’s leadership –both  in our field and worldwide.

Keep your ear to the ground to learn about more ways to get involved and offer your support. You can continue to share or donate to the International Educators United Scholarship page via FundMyTravel, and if you’re looking for ways to expand your perspective by going abroad, the opportunities are limitless and we’ll be your one-stop shop!

Gratitude is Our Attitude

Last but not least, we want to thank our parents, the Academy, and of course everyone who made this possible. Gracias to our gracious hosts in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Annapolis. Merci to the police, the national guard, and all the security persons who were working throughout the night and day to keep marchers and fellow road warriors safe. Obrigado to all the truck stop and service station attendants who stayed replica cartier love bracelet up with us through the graveyard shifts— making sure we were fueled up with coffee and chips while good old Ralph got fueled up with gas. Grazie to all of you who give, whether you give support to the movement, give students the advising services they seek, and give your heart and soul to the mission of this field.

And, of course, a big, HUGE thank you to those of you around the world who continue to give your all in confidence and action so that we truly can BE the change we wish to see.

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