The Empowerment Hangover Has Finally Hit

GoAbroad staff at the Women's March on Washington

This march is the start of a marathon, not a sprint. Time to get involved — and we’re happy about it.

We’re sore, we’re tired, and worst of all – I think we’re running out of chips. But, on the bright side, the best cure for an empowerment hangover is hair of the dog. So we keep on going! We’re moving forward, not only on the road, but with our mission to stay active and organize.

McDonald’s Breakfast Always Helps

That’s no alternative fact, folks, McDonald’s all-day breakfast always helps a hangover. Turns out an empowerment hangover is no different. Over coffee, orange juice, and sausage egg McMuffins we continued to reflect on the march, our journey, and all the conversations we started and will replica cartier love bracelets keep having in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Hello? Sorry I can’t really hear…Yeah… Yes I’m on an RV right now.

Women’s March on Washington 2017 with and IntledUnited

We promised we’d march your messages, and we always keep a promise.

The first conversation we’re having is with our elected representatives. Armed with cellphones, a little leftover data, and a good stretch of highway with decent signal, Team GoAbroad has already started making waves. We called our state representatives— not only in Colorado, but in our home states as well (shout out to Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s D.C. office!). We told them what issues matter most to us, both personally and as international educators. It feels good to know that this weekend we stood up and today we spoke up. Makes the soreness in our hammies worth it. This is a marathon, not a sprint, after all.

You should find your representative and give them a call! You’ll get to talk to a real, human person just like you. Regardless of your personal party affiliation, the intern or staffer who answers the phone will not argue with you or hang up on you. They’re there to listen and to log your concerns so that your representative knows what their constituents want and are worried about.

Athena Abroad International Educators United GoAbroad

Thanks Athena Abroad for this snazzy sign!

How can our government be truly representative if our lawmakers replica cartier don’t hear what we want? We need to speak up, because it’s unlikely that your senator or congressperson can read minds— even if they do and the rules of X-Men apply, proximity is definitely going to factor in. So, just get on the phone! Or you could send an email, but a phone call is that much more powerful. Let them hear your voice!

Still Trying to Find the Right Words

We’re still not sure how to articulate cartier love bracelet replica the experience fully just yet. Hopefully we can find the words, because the most important thing we can do is share this experience with others to inspire more action and keep the momentum going. It bears repeating: this isn’t just one moment in history, it’s the beginning of a movement.

women's march on washington

We can. We will.

So we’ll sign off now, put our sunnies over our tired eyes, pop an ibuprofen, and take a quick power nap on the bus before getting right back at it. We still have a few more reps to call!

With Love,

Team GoAbroad

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